With RAPID DRUG SCREEN you get today's most current and advanced drug
screening and testing devises at cost effective pricing and with incredible accuracy.  
You can now buy
you can test for the presence of five (5) drugs at one time, at the lowest price and
obtain the results in five (5) minutes!  The
RAPID DRUG SCREEN panel can be
custom tailored from one to five tests.
Save $$$$$.  Save time!!!!!  Get results now.
No down time sending employees to laboratories for high-cost testing and 2 to 5 day
waiting periods.

GRYPHON INTERNATIONAL specializes in providing the worldwide marketplace
with advanced diagnostic screening and medical testing products.  
has tremendous benefits, providing rapid results at tremendous $aving$ to
our customers.  You can eliminate the costly laboratory expenses and the usual 2 to 5
day waiting period for the results!

RAPID DRUG SCREEN:  One-step test is unrivaled in the marketplace for its' ease
of use.

RAPID DRUG SCREEN provides inexpensive and proven results in five
minutes.  It tests up to nine illicit drugs and utilizes a safe and effective design, which
protects the test administrator from any specimen contact.

While laboratory tests are expensive and may take up to a week to generate results,
RAPID DRUG SCREEN provides the immediate information required to take
appropriate action in a timely manner.  As such, on-site substance abuse tests are
ideal for business and industry, schools, criminal justice and corrections, occupational
health, rehabilitation, reference laboratories, hospitals and physicians.
RAPID DRUG SCREEN tests individuals
on-site in minutes and is proven to correlate
99% with the standard laboratory test.

One drug test card
One collection cup with temperature strip
Identification label
Collection cup lid with security sealed slit for
test use
Collection cup lid for confirmation purposes
A visual results guide
DISTRIBUTION OPPORTUNITIES:  We are constantly recruiting for new and
qualified distributors to market our products domestically and internationally.  We
are recruiting individuals and companies that exhibit true professionalism, pride in
their work, a secure financial background and those familiar with marketing, sales,
and distribution.   If you have these attributes, or have worked previously in large
business, government agencies, hospitals, law enforcement, or are already
established in the area of marketing and distribution, you may be a candidate for
working in the market of rapid diagnostics.

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